Promis.e Help

To Align Two Elements Using the Plane to Plane Method

  1. Select the Align 3D tool.
  2. Set Method to Plane to Plane
  3. Select the element to move.
  4. Select a point to describe the move point.
  5. Select the first axis point.
  6. Select a second point to describe a plane.
  7. Select a point on the element to move to.
  8. Define the rotation axis with a second data point.

    This defines the red axis.

  9. Select a point to describe a plane to move to.

    The move will be displayed in a preview state. In this state the blue arrow can be changed to adjust the rotation.

  10. Adjust the direction of the blue arrow as needed.

    This flips the object about the red axis by 180 degrees.

  11. Accept or reject the realignment.