Promis.e Help

To Add Product Groups and Dialogs to Panduit Database

There are a number of customizations that can be done to the software to tailor it to your company.
  1. Create the new part tables in the Panduit.mdb database.
  2. Create a query to link the new table to the main Promis.e parts database
  3. Enter a record for the new dialog in the Button table. You can do this either directly in MS-Access or by using the Button Table Editor.

  4. Select a Button Name from the drop down list.
  5. Enter a Dialog Title in the field.
  6. Place a check box in the Show field to make the button appear in the dialog.
  7. Click Apply and Exit the dialog.
  8. Open the Index Table Editor.
  9. Enter all of the fields from the query just entered in the Button table into the Index table. You can do this either directly in MS-Access or by using the Index Table Editor.

  10. Enter a unique number ID for the field to be displayed in the dialog.
  11. Enter the same dialog title used in the Button table.
  12. Enter the name of the table that the data is coming from.
  13. Enter the field name from the database or query listed in the button table.
  14. Enter a column heading for the field in the select (lower) portion of the parts dialog.
  15. Enter a label for the Filter field in the filter (upper) portion of the parts dialog.
  16. Turn on the fields that are to be displayed as Show_In_Filter and Show_In_Select columns.
  17. Enter the type of filter to use:
    • Text - allow the user to enter any text and return records that contain that text.
    • Max - Return all records that have values under the user-entered number.
    • Min - Return all records over the user-entered number.
    • Set - Display all possible entries in a list and return the records that match the user's selection.
    • CSV - Allow the files to contain comma-separated values. The values are displayed separately in a list and all records containing the selected value are returned.
    • URL - A hyperlink is used in the column ( Show In Filter should be set to on).
    Note: A maximum of 15 filters may be used per dialog.