Promis.e Help

To Customize the Delivered Example Markup Names

  1. Copy the delivered PageLayout.dgnlib file from ..\Default\Dgnlib\DrawComp\en to your Configuration and open it.
  2. Open the Named Expressions dialog ( Drawing > Utilities > Utilities ).
  3. In the list of named expressions, select Markup_CustomNameFormat1.
  4. In the External Name field, type your project name to replace the <Project> variable.
  5. (Optional) Update the Internal Name and add a Description.

    If you change the Internal Name, the new name replaces Markup_CustomNameFormat1 in the list of named expressions. If you make any changes to the named expression, the name in the list box displays in blue text.

  6. Click Save and the updated named expression again displays in the original black color.
  7. (Optional) Customize the other two examples markup names: Markup_CustomNameFormat2 and Markup_CustomNameFormat3.