Promis.e Help

Open a ProjectWise Enabled Drawing

The procedure below is for opening existing Promis.e documents that have been created and stored in the ProjectWise environment. Additional information on how to create documents in ProjectWise is available in the ProjectWise help file.
  1. Open the Promis.e application from the Start menu or by double clicking the icon on the desktop. The ProjectWise Log in dialog displays.
  2. Select the datasource from the drop down list and login using the username/password provided by your administrator. This will allow you to access the ProjectWise document repository where existing drawings are stored.
    Note: The name of the datasource can also be entered directly in the field if it isn't included in the list.
    The Promis.e Work Page displays.
  3. Select the folder where the file is stored from the Folder list. The available documents are displayed in the Documents pane.
  4. Select the desired file and click Open. Promis.e will open and the selected file will be loaded.
    Note: It may take a while to copy down the managed configuration and open the file. A dialog will display showing the progress.
    Note: For details on how to setup and configure a Managed WorkSpace, refer to the Promis.e CONNECT Edition Setup Guide for ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace Configuration on