Promis.e Help

Miscellaneous References Key-ins

The following key-ins are used for various references operations. When specifying the reference a "file_spec" can be used, which may be the file name or the logical name of the reference.

References key-in Description
REFERENCE MAKEDIRECT [parent_file_name]->[nested_file_name] Promotes nested attachments to direct attachments. See Tools > Make Direct Attachment in the References dialog.
REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS <value,saturation,file_spec> Sets the Value and Saturation parameters for the defined references. Equivalent to the Value and Saturation settings in the Adjust Colors dialog.
REFERENCE MERGE <file_spec> Merges the defined references into the active model.
REFERENCE NEWSESSION <reference_file_name> Opens the defined reference in a new session.
REFERENCE SYNCHRONIZE LEVELS ALL|BYLEVELSYMBOLOGY|CUSTOM|DISPLAY|OVERRIDESYMBOLOGY<file_spec> Synchronizes the properties of levels in the defined reference and its attachments with the properties of levels in the source file of the attachment.