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New and Changed in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 2

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 2 release.

Feature Description
Enhanced Field Settings Several enhancements have been made to make inserting fields more flexible than ever before.
  • New Project Option > Field Settings allow you to create a custom expression using the installation and location variables so that you can even specify the installation and location values on separate lines. You can also define the default field parameters for colors, line type, and text settings in order to define a default corporate standard.
  • Fields can now be defined either as a block or any custom defined shape enabling you greater flexibility to capture the specific components that you need.
Even and Odd Automatic Wire Numbering You now have the flexibility to specify even and odd wire numbering schemes when automatically assigning wire numbers to selected pages or circuits making it faster and easier to adhere to various electrical standards that require this type of numbering scheme.
Dock Symbol Creation Wizard The Symbol Creation Wizard has been adjusted to a more vertical layout and converted into a dock panel that enables you to dock the wizard in the drawing interface and collapse it to a tab if so desired.
PLC I/O Text Import Enhancement You now have the option of including Installation, Location, and Device Tags in your Excel import files to specifically identify a device that the I/O addresses apply to. When these fields are specified in the import file, the software will only apply the I/O text to the device that matches the ID specified in your import file.
Symbol Text Editing You now have the ability to right click in the Symbol Text dialog and remove an attribute associated with the selected symbol.
Cable Diagram Conductor Text Visibility You now have the ability to turn on or off the visibility of Cable Diagram conductor text using a new display setting found in the View > Display menu.
Configuration Enhancements Added a Create Catalog button to the Configuration Variables > ELEC_CATALOG_PATH > Modify Catalog Paths dialog to create a new symbol catalog.
ProjectWise Integration Enhancement Added support for the IMS login type.

About Technology Preview Features

Some features in this update are provided as Technology Preview.
Note: Take advantage of this Technology Preview, a non-public software service and/or application for evaluation purposes only. Please use the Technology Preview in your normal business environment as needed to form an opinion concerning the performance of the Technology Preview. Bentley personnel would welcome your valued feedback concerning the performance of the Technology Preview as you evaluate the capabilities. Please be aware that at some point, you may receive notice from Bentley that such use must cease or this Technology Preview will become unavailable to you. As we receive feedback, this Technology Preview may also be enhanced, updated or also discontinued without notice. As a Technology Preview, it is provided to you "as-is" without the benefit of any Bentley warranty, indemnity or support obligation.

(Technology Preview) Components Center

Components Center is a CONNECT service where Bentley publishes software content and users can upload their own custom content to be shared among all their users. Now the Insert Substation Object and Insert Cable/Bus features can query content found in Components center and insert the content into a design file by downloading the symbols to a local cache folder.