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To Remove Parametric Entities/Features by Size

  1. (Optional) Create a backup copy of the parametric solid.
  2. Select the Add Entity Size Filter tool.
  3. Check the entity check boxes and add the size values as required.
  4. Select the parametric solid.

    The entities of size equal to or less than the entered values, are highlighted for removal.

  5. Enter a data point to remove the highlighted entities.

    The small details are removed, and the important entities are retained.

  6. (Optional) Do one of the following:

    Select File > Tools > Compress File to save the reduced model.


    Select File > Tools > Compress Options to complete the detailed compress options.

Consider the following example:

The below parametric solid is a plate with two large holes and three smaller holes. The larger holes are necessary to assemble the design. The smaller holes are not required for the assembly. Similarly, the larger fillets are required for interference detection while the smaller ones are not. The small notches are also inconsequential to the design, and should be removed.

Set the tool settings as follows: Blend Radius – Type a value smaller than the large fillets but greater than or equal to the small fillets. | Hole Diameter – Type a value smaller than the large holes but greater than or equal to the small holes. | Face Size – Type a value small enough to select only the faces that make up the notches.

Note: Two faces small enough to qualify for removal (between blends) are also selected. The tool will attempt to remove them.

Following the above steps, the unnecessary features are highlighted for removal:

Accept to get the final result as shown below:

Note: The two faces between fillets were not be removed because the SmartSolid could not be resolved without them.