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To Display the Design Element Linked to One of the Records

This procedure refers to the Database.dgn file from the example database that is available at

  1. Open Database.dgn.

    This design file has linkages to GIS database tables.

    In this example you will display the design element linked to one of the records resulting from the SELECT statement: SELECT * FROM parcel.

    In SQL, in this context, * means "all columns" or "all attributes".

  2. Build the Select statement using the Visual SQL Query Builder.
  3. Turn on Output > Form.
  4. Click Execute to create the form dialog.
  5. In the form dialog, click Next to step through the list of query responses until you find a particular parcel in which you are interested.
  6. Click Locate to display the element corresponding to the displayed query result.

    You are prompted to select a view in which to locate the parcel element.

  7. Select the view in which you want the parcel element displayed.

    If the parcel record selected corresponds to a parcel in an open map, the parcel element displays centered in the selected view, with its number circled and highlighted.

    If the parcel record selected is not linked to a graphic element in the active DGN file, the following message is displayed: "No element linked to current row."