Promis.e Help

To Drag a Mesh Softly

  1. Select the Drag Mesh tool ( Modeling > Mesh > Modify Meshes ).

  2. Select the desired selection method.
  3. Set Mode to Drag Softly.
  4. (Optional) Select Subdivide Locally.
  5. Select a mesh element.
  6. Select a start point to begin the selection of mesh facets.
  7. Select an end point for the selection of mesh facets.
    Note: If you have Subdivide Locally selected and you right-click at this point, the tool will exit and subdivide the selected mesh facets.
  8. Select a handle to drag.
  9. Drag the selected handle to the desired location.

    All handles will move at a progressing rate less than the selected handle unless you select the <Alt> key, which will drag only the selected handle.

    Note: If AccuSnap interferes with the drag operation, select <Shift + Ctrl> to suspend AccuSnap.
  10. Click to complete dragging the mesh element softly.