Promis.e Help

To Change a Vertex Type

  1. With AccuDraw active, select the Modify Element tool ( Drawing > Home > Modify ).

  2. Select the element by entering a data point near the vertex to modify.

    The drawing plane origin moves to the vertex. If the vertex is contained within a right angle, the coordinate system aligns with the right angle.

  3. From the Vertex Type option menu in the tool settings window, choose the desired type — Sharp, Rounded, or Chamfered.
  4. If changing Vertex Type to Rounded, type the desired rounding radius, in working units (MU:SU:PU) in the tool settings window's Rounding Radius field.
  5. If changing Vertex Type to Chamfered, type the desired chamfer offset, in working units (MU:SU:PU) in the tool settings window's Chamfer Offset field.
  6. Do one of the following:

    To maintain the vertex in its original location — that is, to just change its type — enter a data point at the drawing plane origin.


    To otherwise modify the vertex, follow steps 3-5 in the procedure To modify a vertex of a multi-segment element.