Promis.e Help

To Script Changes to a General Rendering Setting

  1. Select the Animate General Settings tool ( Visualization > Animate > Script ).
  2. In the Frame Number field, type the frame number.
  3. From the Interpolation option menu, choose the interpolation method — Linear or Spline — for the transition to the new setting value.
  4. From the Velocity option menu, choose the velocity type — Constant, Accelerate, Decelerate, Accelerate-Decelerate, or Infinite — for the transition to the new setting value.
  5. From the Setting menu, choose the setting to animate.
  6. Use the control(s) below the Setting option menu to specify the setting value (or to select the background file to which a value applies).
  7. Accept the settings with a data point.

    The new script entry is entered in the Animation Producer dialog list.