Promis.e Help

Reference Toolbox

Contains tools used to:

  • Access the References dialog.
  • Attach referenced models to the active model.
  • Control the positioning, scaling, clipping, and orientation of attached referenced models.
  • Detach referenced models from the active model.
  • Reload the references
  • Set reference presentation

These tools can also be selected in these ways:

  • From the icons on the References dialog.
  • From the Tools menu in the References dialog. The controls in the References dialog are used to adjust reference settings as well.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in the Reference toolbox
Manage reference attachments using the References dialog.

The References tool is also found on the Primary Tools toolbox.

Attach a model (reference) to the active model.

Attach Reference
Change a reference clipping boundary.

Set Reference Clip Boundary
Mask (cover) part of a reference that is inside the clipping boundary.

Set Reference Clip Mask
Selectively delete a reference's clipping mask(s).

Delete Reference Clip
Set the back clipping plane for a 3D reference.

Set Reference Back Clip Plane
Set the front clipping plane for a 3D reference.

Set Reference Front Clip Plane
Reread and redraw a reference to see recent changes made to it.

Reload Reference
Move a reference.

Move Reference
Copy a reference.

Copy References
Scale a reference.

Scale References
Rotate a reference.

Rotate Reference
Mirror a reference about a horizontal or vertical axis.

Mirror Reference
Copy a reference, then attach a view of the reference by folding it about an orthogonal axis or a line defined by two points.

Copy Reference by Folding
Sets the rendering mode of the reference.

Set Reference Presentation
Detach a reference from the active model.

Detach Reference
Update reference elements in a view. Use the REFERENCE UPDATE key-in.