Promis.e Help

Switching Between the Tabs in a Workflow

There are multiple ways to switch between the tabs of a ribbon workflow:
  1. You can directly click the tab name in the ribbon to display the desired tab.
  2. Using keytips - Press <F2> followed by the keytip for the desired tab.
  3. Using the <Alt> key - Press <Alt> and the keytip of the desired tab. For example, press <Alt+F> to open the File tab.
  4. Using key-in - The RIBBON MENU TABS key-in opens a pop-up menu at the cursor listing all the tabs in the current workflow. You can select the desired tab from the pop-up menu.
  5. Using assigned keys or buttons - You can assign the RIBBON MENU TABS key-in to a keyboard shortcut, function or button. Then when you press the key or button, the tabs are listed as a pop-up menu at the cursor.