Promis.e Help

Map Editor Dialog, Map Types Section

Contains controls to allow you to select the type of file to be used for the map.

Map list Lists the selection of file types to be used for the map.
Image Lets you select an image file, using the Open Image File icon to the right of the list and the text field. The name of the selected image file appears in the text field. Pause the pointer over the name field to display the full path name of the image file in a tooltip. When an image is selected, an expandable mapping section directly below lets you define how the image is mapped.
Gradient Lets you select a gradient as a material map. A list on the right lets you select a Linear or Radial gradient. With the image section expanded, clicking the color key buttons below the gradient display sample opens the Gradient Color Chooser dialog, which lets you select the colors for the gradient. Clicking the gradient strip lets you place further color keys to control the gradient. Up to 50 color keys can be assigned to a gradient. See Gradient maps for information on creating gradients.
Procedure Lets you select a procedural texture from the list on the right. Pause the pointer over the procedure list to display the full path name of the procedural file in a tooltip. With the image section expanded, custom settings for the selected procedural texture appear below the option buttons.
Operation Lets you add a Tint color. Clicking the color button below lets you select a color.
Texture Replicator Lets you procedurally clone an image mapped texture onto a surface while adding some randomization to the resulting clones.