Promis.e Help

To Create a Field

  1. Select the Insert Field option from either the 2D Design or Panel Design ribbon. On the command line, you will be prompted to define the first corner and opposite corner of the field in the desired area of the drawing.
  2. Select the corners of the new field. A box indicates the field area. You are prompted to Locate the text position. This means to select a point near the field where the field's Installation/Location name will be printed.
  3. Use the mouse to point and click to select the point. The Field Parameters dialog will then appear.
  4. Use the drop down boxes to select values for the Installation and Location fields. This can be an existing installation/location, or one that has not yet been used.
  5. (Optional): The Rename Existing Symbols to Inst/Loc of the Field check box determines whether or not any existing symbols in the field area will be renamed (reassigned) to the field's installation and location. When the check box is on, existing symbols are renamed.
  6. Use the set of fields at the bottom of the dialog to determine the characteristics of the text that will label the field on the drawing.
    • The Text-Offset values indicate the distance from the field insertion point (first corner) to the insertion point (write position) of the text. These values can be altered if desired.
    • The Line Color and Line Type fields allow the characteristics of the field border line to be set.
  7. When the desired values are entered, select the OK button to complete creation of the field.