Promis.e Help

To Create a Graphical Parts List

  1. Create a Page Macro.
  2. Create a Graphical Parts List Macro and Cross-Reference Macro.
  3. Edit the Parts Database.
  4. Select the Graphical Parts List option from the Output ribbon to display the New Page dialog.
  5. Enter or select the desired Drawing Set, Installation, Location, Page Name, and Page Format for the drawing. If the list occupies multiple pages, the entered page name will be the first page.
  6. In the Page Macro field, select the page macro (header) you created for the graphical parts list.
  7. Select the OK button to continue. The Graph Setting dialog will appear.
  8. Use the Filter fields to limit the graphical list to the parts used in a selected installation or location.
  9. Use the Page Margins fields to define the area of the page that will used for the list.
  10. Select OK to generate the drawing pages that contain the list.