Promis.e Help

To Import a Material From Another Palette File

  1. In the Material Editor dialog, select the palette file into which you want to import a material.
  2. From the Material menu, choose Import.

    The Open Palette dialog opens.

  3. Use controls in the Open Palette dialog to select the palette file from which you wish to import materials.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Import Materials dialog opens, displaying the names of the materials in the selected palette file.

    Any materials having the same names as those in the open palette file are displayed in red.

  6. Click the name of the material to be imported.
  7. (Optional) In the Import As field enter a new name for the material to be imported as.
  8. (Optional) Select further materials to import, by holding down the <Ctrl> key as you click their names, renaming them, if necessary, as you select them.
  9. Click the Import button.

    The Import Materials dialog closes and the selected material(s) is added to those in the open palette file in the Material Editor dialog.