Promis.e Help

To Create a Symbol on the Fly

  1. Select theSymbol On the Fly from the 2D Design or Panel Design ribbons.
  2. When prompted, select opposite corners for the symbol box in the drawing. The Device Properties dialog will appear.
  3. Enter a device tag for the symbol and click OK.
    Note: The device tag is entered in the same way as for a symbol. If desired, you can also assign a part number to the symbol.
  4. Optional: The default position for the device ID is just above the symbol. To move it, right-click on the ID and select Text Position from the menu.
  5. To add connection points, select Symbol on the Fly > Insert Connection Point.
  6. In the Modify Connection Point Text dialog, enter the Connection Point Text in either of the following fields:

    Visible Text: Enter any connection point designations that you wish to appear beside the connection point.


    Hidden Text: If you want hidden text to be associated with the connection point, enter it here.

  7. Select OK to enter the connection point text.
  8. Enter Additional connection points as required to complete the symbol creation process.
    Note: To delete a connection point, select Symbol On the Fly > Delete Connection Point option and click on the point to remove.