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Using Oracle Data Provider (ODP) With OLEDB and BUDBC Connections

The Oracle Data Provider should be used when connecting to Oracle databases using Promis.e ’s OLEDB. The ODP is also used for BUDBC Oracle connections.

Oracle Data types that are not supported by ODP
User Defined Objects

In versions of the Oracle Data Provider earlier then Oracle Client Patch set trying to retrieve these types cause a disconnect from the database. If you are aware that these types are being used in your database schema you should be using the ODP provided in the following patch sets or later versions.

Oracle Client Patchset – Patch set Number 4163362

Oracle ODAC – Patch set Number 4447340

For additional information on ODP Supported data types refer to the documentation listed below:

Oracle Provider for OLE DB Developer's Guide sections entitled "Datatype Mappings in Rowsets and Parameters" and "Table A-1 Datatype Mappings."

Release 9.2

Part Number A95498-01