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Editing Variable Print Definitions

The Properties dialog allows you to edit print definition properties for a single variable print definition and operates the same way as the Properties dialog for editing fixed print definitions.

Properties dialog for variable print definitions

By default, Print Organizer assigns a blank value in the print definition’s Model field for a newly created variable print definition. The Model control only applies to DGN/DWG source files. When a blank value is assigned, Print Organizer selects the models based on the model selection method specified in the print style or in the Preferences dialog. This allows for the dynamic discovery of models when printing variable print definitions from design files. If you specify a model name in the Model field, Print Organizer restricts the variable print definition to that one model.

The Modify Properties dialog allows you to edit multiple variable print definitions and operates as a fill-in-the-blanks form to allow you to type in the print definition property value or select it from a drop-down list box. Print definition property values that you specify are applied to each of the selected variable print definitions when you click OK to dismiss the dialog.

Modify Properties Dialog for variable print definitions