Promis.e Help

User Preferences

User preferences are settings that control the operation of Promis.e in ways that are not significant to other members of a workgroup. For example, they affect how the product uses memory on a user's system, how windows are displayed, how various items on the screen are laid out and behave, how references are attached by default, and so on. As the name implies, users can adjust these settings to suit their preferences.

Preferences are not design file-dependent and cannot be saved in the design file. However, they are saved in the user preferences file pointed to by the MS_USERPREF configuration variable when you click the OK button.

Setting all Preferences to Application Defaults

Clicking the Defaults button in the Preferences dialog sets all the user preferences to application defaults.

Locating the User Preference File

To know the location of your user preference file, enter $ % $(_ustn_homeprefs) in the Key-in Window. Windows Explorer opens to the location of your (user) preference (*.upf) file.

Relocating the User Preference File

By default, your user preference file is located in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Bentley\<product_name>\<product_version>\prefs\ folder. You may want to change the location of the user preference file (.upf) so as to make it roaming using Windows Roaming Profile or Windows Virtual profiles. To do so, set the desired path in the _USTN_HOMEROOT configuration variable.

Categories of User Preferences

In the Preferences dialog, user preferences are divided into the following categories: