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Using Print Styles to Modify Print Definition Properties

In addition to using Print styles to specify default print definition properties at print definition creation time, you can also reference them on-demand to modify existing fixed and variable print definitions.

Referencing a print style on-demand is helpful when you use a set of print definition property values for a specific project or on an occasional basis. For example, if you always print at a particular size with a specific pen table, you can define those print definition property values in a print style and apply them when needed. Both Print Organizer and the Print dialog provide an Apply Print Style dialog for modifying existing print definitions.

To apply a print style in Print Organizer, select Tools > Apply Print Style to open the Apply Print Style dialog. The Apply Print Style dialog opens and displays the print styles in the open DGN file and in the configured DGN libraries. Print styles that display with bold text reside in the active DGN file.

Note: The printing system gathers the names of the print styles from the active DGN file and the DGN libraries. The names are sorted alphabetically and duplicate names are removed. Only the first instance of a duplicated print style is retained.