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View Control Bar

View controls are arranged in the view control bar docked by default to the top of each view window as follows:

To In the view control bar for the view in question, select
Adjust view attribute settings.

View Attributes
Set the view display mode from the drop-down list of display styles or from the Display Styles dialog.

View Display Mode
Apply scene lighting to a view and adjust brightness of shaded views.

Adjust View Brightness
Update (redraw) a view(s).

Update View
Increase the magnification of a view.

Zoom In
Decrease the magnification of a view.

Zoom Out
Window an area in a view.

Window Area
Display all displayable elements in the active design and attached references in a view.

Fit View
Open the View Rotation toolbox and rotate the view.

Rotate View
View a different part of the design without changing the view magnification.

Pan View
(3D view only) Interactively walk through a 3D model.

(3D view only) Interactively fly through a 3D model.

(3D view only) Interactively navigate a 3D view.

Navigate View
Undo the last viewing operation.

View Previous
Redo the last undone viewing operation.

View Next
Copy contents of one view to another.

Copy View
(3D view only) Open the View Perspective toolbox and change the perspective angle of a 3D view.

Change View Perspective
(3D view only) Set a view's Display Depth.

Set Display Depth
(3D view only) Set a view's Active Depth.

Set Active Depth
(3D view only) Show the Display Depth setting for a view(s).

Show Display Depth
(3D view only) Show the Active Depth setting for a view(s).

Show Active Depth
(3D view only) Change the rotation of a view.

Change View Rotation
(3D view only) Set up the view camera.

Setup Camera
Render a view.

Open the Clip Volume toolbox and apply a clip volume to a view.

Clip Volume
Apply a clip mask to a view

Clip Mask

Some of these view controls operate differently when the active model is 3D.

Note: All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

Key-in: VIEW < ON | OFF > < 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 >
Tip: To dock the view control bars to a different edge of the view windows, choose the desired edge — for example, Bottom — from the View ToolBox option menu in the View Options category of the Preferences dialog ( File > Settings > User > Preferences ).