Promis.e Help

To Place Symbols by Name

  1. Select Design > Insert Symbol By Name to display the Insert Symbol/Macro dialog (with the Symbol By Name tab active).
  2. Use the Catalog Tree to navigate to a specific symbol location. You can filter the list of symbols by selecting a folder in the tree. The symbols listed come from any symbol libraries that are included in the catalog path.
  3. (Optional): Use the Filters Editor to create any number of conditions and combine them in any manner using any logical operator. Click the + button to add a new condition. Select the field you want to filter on. Then pick the logical operator and specify your criteria. You can click the X to clear a filter condition.
  4. (Optional): Press the Apply Filter button to apply the filter settings.
  5. If you know the name of the symbol that you wish to place in the drawing, you can enter it in the Name field. As you enter the name of the symbol, any existing symbols that match the entered characters will be listed in the grid.
  6. Click on the name of the desired symbol to select it. A thumbnail view of the symbol will appear in the Preview area of the dialog.
  7. To place the selected symbol in the drawing, click on the Place Symbol button (or double-click the symbol name). The symbol will appear at the cursor.
  8. Position the symbol by pointing the cursor at the desired location and pressing the left mouse button. The symbol is then placed in the diagram. The insertion point of the symbol will snap to the nearest grid point. If the symbol is placed on a wire, the wire will break automatically at the symbol connection points. If a symbol is placed first and a wire is drawn over the symbol, the wire will also break automatically.

    The symbol will be rotated automatically to match the horizontal or vertical alignment of a wire. (For this to occur, symbol rotation must be set to 0 degrees and the symbol insertion point must be on the wire. Also, the Auto Rotate check box must be turned on in symbol settings. Certain 3-phase symbols will not be rotated automatically.)

    Once the symbol is placed, the Device Properties dialog will appear, allowing a device ID, part number and other items to be assigned.
    Note: No more than one wire should be connected to a single symbol connection point.