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Link to Configuration Variable with Filtering (Harvested Folders)

A harvested folder displays models or saved views that are contained in a set of files. Using harvested folders, you can keep track of sheets, views, and drawing boundaries, because the folders are an up-to-date view of what is in the files. Promis.e generates the content of a harvested folder by searching for specified resources within a set of files. When resources are added, removed, or renamed, harvested folders can be refreshed to reflect the changes. Several pre-defined harvested folders are delivered with Promis.e , including folders to display sheet models and several types of saved views.

To create a harvested folder, create a Configuration Variable link by specifying a configuration variable and a resource filter. The configuration variable identifies the set of files to be searched. The resource filter identifies the type of resources to find within those files. A harvested folder can only show one type of resource. To track more than one resource, you need to create a separate folder for each type of resource.

Note: Harvested folders can find models and views only within DGN, DGNLib, DWG, REF, and CEL files.

Configuration Variables

Any configuration variable that identifies files or directories can be used to define a harvested folder. MS_DEF is such a commonly used configuration variable. If the configuration variable identifies a directory, then all files in the directory and its subdirectories are searched.

You can create custom configuration variables and define them with the desired folder path to harvest. For custom configuration variables, make sure you add "\" at the end of the directory path.