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To Define an ACS by Data Points in a 2D Model

  1. Open the Auxiliary Coordinates dialog ( Drawing > Drawing Aids > ACS dialog launcher ).

  2. In the icon bar, select the Define ACS (By Points) tool.
  3. In the Define ACS (By Points) settings window, select Rectangular from the Type list box.
  4. Enter a data point to define the origin of the ACS.

    The coordinates of the point identified will be 0,0 in the ACS.

  5. Enter a data point to define a point on the positive x-axis.

    If ACS Triad is on in the view, the ACS triad appears at the location of the first data point.

    The new ACS appears in the list box in the Auxiliary Coordinates dialog with the name "Unnamed" and becomes the active ACS.

    When you graphically define an ACS, whether you do so by entering data points or aligning the ACS with an element, view, or reference, the newly defined ACS is automatically named "Unnamed" and designated the active ACS. While it is not possible to directly rename the active ACS, you can achieve the same effect as follows:
    1. In the Auxiliary Coordinates dialog, click the Create a New ACS icon to create a new ACS with the name "Unnamed." The new ACS inherits the origin and type of the graphically defined active ACS.
    2. Name the new ACS by editing the Name value in its list box entry.

    At this point you can activate the named ACS and the graphically defined one will be automatically deleted.