Promis.e Help


Used to activate a mode in which Promis.e does not automatically commit SQL statements to the database software for processing.

SQL statements are generated by Promis.e each time you use certain database tools and key-ins. For example, Promis.e generates a SQL INSERT statement when you use the Attach Active Entity tool. You can also submit SQL statements in the SQL Window.

By default, Promis.e immediately commits SQL statements to the database software. In the alternate mode, Promis.e commits statements only when your input necessitates the addition of a row to a database table. The process of adding rows requires the database software to lock tables, and commitment is required to release those locks. The alternate mode can be useful when it is desirable to be able to undo uncommitted SQL statements.

In the alternate mode, you can explicitly request Promis.e to commit statements by submitting COMMIT in the SQL Window. To undo all statements to the last commit point, submit ROLLBACK in the SQL Window.