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To Enter Rectangular Coordinates Using AccuDraw

  1. Enter the first data point.

    As you move the dynamic line, AccuDraw shifts its key-in focus to the X or Y field depending on which axis the pointer is closest to. (If the Polar compass is visible, press <M> to switch to Rectangular coordinates.)

  2. When the focus is on the X field, type the desired X value. AccuDraw automatically locks this value in, denoted by the check mark in the box adjacent to the X field.

    Keying in a precise distance along the x-axis.

    Using AccuDraw to enter precise values for distances along X or Y axis

  3. Move the pointer up the Y axis. Notice the dynamic dashed line identifying the locked condition from the X axis.

    The distance required to move the pointer to change focus to the Y field is the same as the Locate Tolerance associated with identifying an element and is selectable in the Coordinates tab of the AccuDraw Settings dialog.

  4. Type the desired Y value.

    AccuDraw responds by setting the endpoint of the new element and displays fixed, dashed lines extending to the point from the X and Y axes of the compass.

  5. Enter a data point to accept the location.

    If you do not want to accept this point, press <Enter> to override the locked axes and return the pointer to the free dynamic state.