Promis.e Help

Sample 3D Content from Dosch Design, Marlin studios, and Xfrog Inc.

You can optionally download and install the following ready-to-render cell libraries.

  • Dosch Design — this cell library consists of seven cars, one pickup, one semi-tractor rig with box trailer, and a mountain bike model. These ready-to-render sample 3D models are in most cases very detailed and even include accurate interiors and are perfect for adding extra detail to your visualizations.
  • Marlin Studio — this cell library consists of 60 pre-textured ready-to-render vehicles and 6 semi-tractor rigs that have a light weight look and are most suitable for traffic simulation.
  • Xfrog Inc. — this sample library consists of 13 ready-to render 3D tree models along with several billboard textures that can be used to depict trees in the distance.

These shared libraries are installed in the ..\ProgramData\Bentley\connectsharedcontent folder and the texture search paths are automatically modified such that these models render correctly when placed with the Place Active Cell tool or with the Populate Contents tool. Each cell library has an index sheet with sample render or images that depict the contents of the cell library.