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A marker is a transient icon that marks or represents the presence of a saved view, link or markup. It is displayed as an icon that stands out of the normal geometry in a model and is easy to recognize. The Mini toolbar for the marker is displayed when you hold the pointer over a marker. Markers are stored locally in the model.

Markers are displayed for the following:

  • Saved views — section view, elevation view, plan view, and detail view.
  • Links — links to files and file contents that are supported by Explorer.
  • Markups

Markers for Saved Views

The following markers are displayed for different saved view types:

Section view marker

Plan view marker

Elevation view marker

Detail view marker

If any of the saved view marker is active, it is displayed in a yellow background so that it can be distinctly identified from the other markers. For example, see the active section view marker below.

Active section view marker

In a drawing or sheet model, the markers of saved views that intersect with the reference saved view are displayed.

If you double-click a marker for saved view, the saved view is applied. For this, the view attributes are inherited from the saved view, whereas the reference display state and the level display state are inherited from the first drawing or sheet model displayed in the Open Target drop-down list of its mini toolbar. The apply options are inherited from the Apply View tool of its mini toolbar.

Marker for Markups

When you hold the pointer over a marker for a markup, the Mini toolbar for the marker displays. Markups are used to identify and track changes to 2D and 3D models.

Markup callout marker