Promis.e Help

Project Manager - BOM Explorer Tab

The BOM Explorer lets the user view and edit the part numbers that are assigned to a project. It shows part numbers that have been assigned to items in a drawing and assign part numbers to items that don't yet have them. The BOM Explorer also lets the user assign part numbers to a project before drawings are created. This allows the user to generate a bill of materials to make a quote before a project is designed or as a pick list when creating schematic or panel layout drawings via the Insert Symbol By Device ID function.

Folders Panel In the Folders panel, you can select a WorkSet to access.
Note: A WorkSet consists of a file structure and set of configuration variables but has no project database linked to it. Once project database has been linked to the WorkSet then it is considered a project and referred to as such in Promis.e .
BOM Tree

The following view options are available:

  • Remove Unplaced Devices - Remove any device listed in the tree that does not have a placed symbol in any drawing mode.
  • Device - Shows items with device IDs assigned.
  • Wire - Shows wires (with assigned wire numbers).
  • Both - Shows devices and wires.
  • Edit Quantity - Right-click on a part number in the tree and select this option to display the Edit Part Number Quantity dialog where you can define the quantity of the selected parts to have.
  • Remove - Right-click on a part number in the tree and select this option to remove the part number.

The BOM Tree lists installations and locations in the project and the device IDs and part numbers that are assigned within them. Any existing device IDs are listed under each installation and location. The user can click on the box beside each installation and location name to show or hide the contents. Device IDs are identified in the tree view by the letters ID to the left of each ID. If a part number is assigned to the ID, it is listed just below the ID.

Filter Enables the user to narrow the range of part numbers displayed. There is a drop-down list for selecting the parts database field to which you wish the filtering to apply. In the Like field enter the value by which to filter. This can include wildcard (*) entries such as *700* for any part numbers containing the number 700. Select the Apply Filter button to list the part numbers that match the filter. Select the Clear Filter button to remove the filter.
Panduit Accesses the Panduit Part Selection Tool. This tool allows the user to find the proper Panduit components based on user-defined criteria selection.
Part Number Pane Part number information is displayed on the right side of the BOM Explorer. The user can choose which database fields are displayed by right-clicking on one of the column headings. This will display a list of database fields. Click on the field names to select or de-select fields for display. Drag the columns left or right to arrange them in the desired order.

Parts List

Once a parts list has been created using the BOM Explorer, the user can use it generate reports such as a Bill of Materials or Purchase Order List. In order to generate reports, the user must make the workset active, which requires opening a page. Therefore, before a report can be generated, the user must create at least one page in the project. This page can be blank. The parts list can also be used as a pick list when creating drawings.

After creating a drawing page, use the Design > Insert Symbol By Device ID function to place items in the drawing. As items are placed into drawings from the pick list, the ID for each item that is not yet associated with a symbol will be renamed according to the default project ID format. This occurs only when placing the items in the project's primary drawing mode. You can also assign items in the parts list to existing symbols in a drawing using the Device BOM Assign function.


The user can right-click on a device ID in the BOM Explorer and select Navigate from the menu to display the page where that device ID appears. If the ID appears on more than one page, the Navigate to dialog will appear, allowing the user to select which page to display.