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Reinstating Level Display On and Off Settings After Switching References Outside the Product

In some cases, it is possible that a reference is replaced by a different version of the DGN at the OS (operating system) level, outside Promis.e . Typically, this may occur when off-site contractors make changes to designs. The altered DGN files, when they are returned, are switched for the originals in the office. Where this occurs, the level display settings may go out of synchronization if the level structure of the referenced DGN file is modified.

In these instances, you can use the following key-in to correct the situation:


The key-in attempts to rebuild the level display settings after the attachment file has been switched at OS level. It looks in the master-file for all level display settings associated with the specified attachments and remaps each individual level display setting to reflect the modified level structure. The modified level display settings are then written back to the active-file.

This key-in should be run in the master file that contains the attachment. The attachment file parameter syntax is the same as for other "reference" key-ins. The key-in may be run interactively, in Promis.e , or in batch mode on all files that have the "switched" file attached.

It is recommended that the key-in is run immediately after switching the file at the OS level. If the master file is opened and modified prior to running the key-in, the re-synchronizing of the level display settings may not work correctly.

One limitation is that only level display settings for primary attachments are processed, and the attachment must be a DGN file. The key-in will not work for nested attachments or attachments that are DWG files.