Promis.e Help

To Save a CTB or STB File to a Pen Table

  1. Select File > Print > Print.

    The Print dialog opens.

  2. Select Resymbolization > Attach Pen Table.
  3. The Select Pen Table File dialog opens.
  4. Select the CTB or STB file, then click Open.
  5. Select Resymbolization > Edit Pen Table.

    The Modify Pen Table dialog opens.

  6. Select File > Save.

    The Save Pen Table file dialog opens.

  7. Enter a name for the pen table, and click Save.
  8. Close all dialogs.
    Note: When converting a CTB file into a Promis.e pen table, AutoCAD color numbers 1–254 are mapped to Promis.e colors 1–254. However, the CTB file has an additional assignment for AutoCAD color number 255. Since Promis.e users expect colors 0 and 7 to be pure white when working with DWG files, pen table processing ignores the CTB color 255 mapping, and instead makes pen map colors 0 and 7 the same (with output assignments taken from color 7).