Promis.e Help

To Create a Family on the Fly

To use this function the user needs to have two or more symbols sharing the same device ID with no family assigned.
If the user doesn't have a family definition with the right combination of symbols, one can be created one as he works on a drawing.
  1. Select the Family on the Fly option from the Manage ribbon to display the following dialog:
  2. Click the Select A Device ID button to display the following dialog showing the duplicated device IDs used in the current project.
  3. Double click on the ID to use to create a family. This ID will appear in the Device ID field of the Family on the Fly dialog.
  4. In the Family on the Fly dialog, select one of the following options:

    Search for compatible family - Select if you wish to assign a family that already exists in your catalogs. After you select OK a dialog will appear that allows you to select one of the existing families.


    Create new family - Select if you wish to create a new family to meet your special requirements. Select OK and continue to display the New/Modify Family dialog.