Promis.e Help

The Element Selection Tool and the Reset Pop-up Menu

As you build the selection set with the Element Selection tool, you can choose Select All, Select None, or Select Previous from the Reset pop-up menu to quickly include or exclude elements from the selection set.

While the Element Selection tool is selected, you can use the tool pointer in conjunction with the Reset pop-up menu to operate on the element at the pointer location or on the selected elements.

Because the Reset pop-up menu is context-sensitive you may see more items, depending on the type of element that is selected, whether the element is in a reference, whether a file is linked to the element, etc. Some general items commonly appear in the Reset pop-up menu irrespective of the element selected. The Reset pop-up menu can be changed by customizing context menus.

Note: Right-clicking a highlighted element with the Element Selection tool pointer selects that element even if a pop-up menu item is not chosen.