Promis.e Help

To Create a Cut Using an Element Profile

  1. Select the Cut Solids by Curves tool ( Modeling > Solids > Features ).

  2. Modify the settings for the cut as required.
  3. (Optional) Set the Cut Depth by keying in the value or use Variable link to set the value to an existing variable from the Variables dialog.
    Note: You need to select Define Depth in Cut Mode to enable Cut Depth setting.
  4. Select the solid to cut.
  5. Select the cutting element.

    An arrow appears to indicate the cut direction.

  6. (Optional) Adjust the cut direction as needed
  7. (Optional) Hold <Ctrl> and select to add additional cutting profiles.
  8. Enter a data point to accept the cut.

    Create a cut using an element profile. Left: Cut Method = Outside profile, Cut Direction = Both, Cut Mode = Through / Right: Cut Method = Inside profile, Cut Direction = Both, Cut mode = Define Depth, Depth = 13

    Left: Cut Method = Split solid, Cut Direction = Back, Cut Depth = 13, the solid is split into segments by the cutting profile / Right: When an open profile is used, such as an arc, it is extended tangentially from its endpoints to intersect the solid, Cut Method = Inside Profile, Cut Direction = Back, Cut Depth = 20