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Defining Standards Checker Settings

The Standards Checker Settings dialog ( Drawing > Analyze > Standards Checker > Configure ) lets you define a set of standards checks that will be saved in a DGN library (DGNLib).

The simplest way to organize standards check settings and standards is to store them in the same DGNLib. You can also create a DGNLib to store only the settings, and keep the standards in other DGNLibs.

You can define the standards checks for levels, text styles, dimension styles, element templates, and/or line styles. For each of these checks you must select where the standards are stored (the "source") and the properties that you want checked.

When defining the standards checks for templates, you can define two additional checks. Check Local Templates checks the open DGN file's local templates against the templates defined in the DGN libraries. Check Elements checks all elements in the open DGN file against the local templates with which they are associated. You can check any or all of the properties stored in an element template.