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Specifying Direct Wire Connections

Any connections between panels that do not have a defined rule will automatically be directly routed from the device in the first panel to the device in the second panel.

In some cases, however, you might have a rule defined to wire to terminals not shown in the schematic that you may want to override for certain wires. For example, large gauge wires will often need to be wired direct since the terminals may not be able to handle the wires. You may also have certain cables that you want wired direct. You can declare these exceptions in your wiring rule file by creating a new section under your wire rule set:


<Gauge gauge="#2" rule="D" />

<PartNo partNo="8719" rule="D" />


In the above example you can enter the gauges that should be routed direct (#2) and enter "D" as the rule to force it to direct wire these devices. You can also enter a cable part number and use the same rule.