Promis.e Help

To Place Text That Wraps to a Graphically-Defined Width

  1. Select the Place Text tool.

    The Text Editor window opens if it is not already open.

  2. Select the Word-Wrap icon.

  3. Place the corner points.

    The Text Editor window opens.

  4. In the Text Editor window, type the text.
  5. Enter a data point to accept the text.

    The text displays and is confined to the box drawn. If a word is entered that exceeds the limit of the box, that word drops to the next line.

    Tip: To rewrap the text in a text element, select the text with the Element Selection tool, and use that tool's pointer to drag one of the corner handles. You can use this technique regardless of the Method setting with which the text was placed.
    Note: Word Wrap is available only if Text Editor is selected in the Preferences dialog, Text category, Text Editor Style option menu.