Promis.e Help

Working with Template Groups

The element templates in the open DGN file (represented by the blue V8 icon) can be organized in template groups, which hold a collection of templates. Once you add them, template groups appear in a hierarchy in the left pane of the Element Templates dialog. You can name your template groups and organize them by moving them up or down in the hierarchy. A template group can contain other template groups as well as templates. The template groups in the open DGN file can be moved, copied, and renamed. These template groups can be deleted only if they do not contain templates that have been associated with elements.

Template groups from the open DGN file cannot be copied or moved into the template groups available in other DGN libraries (represented by the gray V8 icons). However, the DGN libraries' template groups can be copied into the open DGN file. Once they are part of the open DGN file they can be modified and deleted. You cannot cut, rearrange, delete, or rename template groups in a DGN library without opening that DGN library.

If you have more than a few templates, organizing them in template groups will make it easier for you to locate them.