Promis.e Help

Preferences Dialog, Ribbon Category

Consists of controls that are used to set preferences for the ribbon.

Ribbon Size Sets the size of the ribbon:
  • Small (default) - Sets the smaller buttons with 16x16 size icons.
  • Medium - Sets 24x24 icon size for small and medium icons.
  • Touch - Sets 24x24 icon size with more space between the buttons. Suitable when operating on touch screen displays.
Task Picker Layout Sets the layout of the Tasks picker in the Quick Access Toolbar:
  • Icon only - Displays only the icon of the Tasks picker.
  • Icon and Task Name - Displays the icon as well as the Task name.
Position Mapped Groups Sets the presentation preference for ribbon groups when they are opened using position mapping:
  • Group Popup - Displays as a ribbon group pop-up.
  • Menu - Displays as a pop-up menu.
Note: Some groups are restricted to the ribbon group pop-up presentation, depending on their contents.
Auto-Generate KeyTips If on, ribbon keytips are auto-generated based on position mapping keystrokes.
Show Popup KeyTip Hints If on, ribbon keytips for ribbon group pop-ups display for a few seconds and then fade away.
Expand on Mouse-over If on, and if you minimize the ribbon, the minimized ribbon expands when you move your mouse over the ribbon.
Show KeyTips on Alt+key activated tab If on, when you activate a tab using <Alt+key> combination, ribbon keytips are displayed.