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CALS Printer Driver

The CALS printer driver is a specialized printer driver that replaces the generic LORIP driver for producing CALS raster print files. It requires a complete print frame buffer in memory, but it is compressed much better than the LORIP RGB memory frame buffer.

The CALS printer driver leverages the rasterized printing capability of the product. When this driver is selected, the Print dialog's Rasterized check box is selected and cannot be changed. The Print dialog's Color list box is set to Monochrome and cannot be changed.

Note: All rasterized output from the product's graphics subsystem is true color data obtained from the computer's video card, with anti-aliasing effects applied. The conversion to monochrome requires dithering. As a result, the resulting monochrome raster print file may not be as sharp as the input design, even if the design contains only monochrome data.

The Bentley CALS printer driver configuration file is named cals.pltcfg. This section describes the properties that are in the cals.pltcfg file.

In a cals.pltcfg file the properties appear in the Driver Properties category on the Base Properties tab in the Printer Driver Configuration dialog.