Promis.e Help

To Add a Shell to a Solid

  1. Select the Shell Solid tool ( Modeling > Solids > Features ) .

  2. In the Shell Thickness field, type the desired thickness value or use Variable link to set them from the available variables in the Variables dialog.
  3. If necessary, turn on Shell Outward.
  4. Select the solid.

    The solid highlights. Simultaneously, the face nearest to the screen pointer location also highlights .

  5. Select the face to be removed.
  6. (Optional) Select multiple faces to remove (use <ctrl+data point> to select multiple).

    The faces highlight.

  7. Enter a data point to accept the shell solid.

    Shell Thickness = 20. The Shell Solid tool respects other applied features like hole in this case.

    Left: Shell Thickness = 1.5, Shell Outward = Off / Right: Shell Thickness = 0.5, Shell Outward = Off, multiple faces are selected.