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What Are Element Attributes?

Element attributes include the following:

  • level (in the DGN file on which an element resides)
  • color
  • line weight
  • line style
  • fill type and color (for closed elements)
  • class
  • transparency
  • priority (2D only, for display)
  • element template

Attributes are determined by settings. For example, while a model's Active Color is set to red, the color attribute of newly placed elements in that model is red.

Changing an active setting has no effect on previously placed elements. However, you can change any attribute of a previously placed element to the corresponding active setting with the Change Element Attributes tool.

Note: If you neglect to save settings in the open DGN file before closing it, changes to its models' active element attribute settings will not be in effect the next time you open the file.