Promis.e Help

Project Management

This section explains the concept of projects and how work is organized in Promis.e .

Project Organization

A project is a collection of work in Promis.e , all of which relates to the same job. This work includes both graphical drawings (schematics, layouts, etc.) and support documentation (part lists, labels, connection information). By associating every drawing and list with a specific project, the software is able to recognize which information to use when performing automatic functions such as list generation, cross referencing, wire numbering, cost analysis, and so on.

Drawing Sets

Drawing sets are used to organize pages within a project into meaningful groups. You can arrange the drawing sets into any order you wish. For example, you may want to have all schematic pages in one drawing set and all panel layout pages in another set. In the Project Manager you can change the order of the sets, which affects the order in which the software indexes the pages. This has an effect on page navigation, cross referencing and print/plot order.

Installations and Locations

Projects optionally can be subdivided into installations and locations. These usually correspond to physical locations. For example, the project could consist of an entire production facility while each production line within the facility is designated as an installation and each control cabinet on a line is a location.

When graphical (drawing) pages are created, they can be assigned a default installation and location (if the entered installation or location name does not yet exist, it will be created). When support documentation is generated, it can also be sorted by installation and location.