Promis.e Help

To Play and Interact with a Recorded GPS Session

  1. Open the Global Positioning System dialog ( Drawing > Utilities > Geographic > Global Positioning System (GPS) ).

  2. In the Settings tab, GPS Type panel, set the Device Type to correspond with the type of GPS device used to record the session — NMEA-Compatible, Garmin USB, or Windows Location Services.
  3. In the device settings panel, set Source to File Playback.
  4. Specify the Playback File by typing its full path or browsing.
  5. Set the Playback Speed.
  6. Click Play to start playback.
  7. Use the tools in the dialog to interact with the GPS data stream as it is played back. Click Pause or Rewind To Start as necessary.
    Note: Before you can interact with recorded GPS session data, you must first select a geographic coordinate system (GCS) for the active model.