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To Select the Intersection Point of Two Elements (with AccuSnap)

  1. Select Intersect Snap mode.
  2. Move the pointer to the intersection point of the two elements so that the two elements highlight and the snap point marker appears.
  3. Enter a data point to accept the tentative snap point.

    Locating Intersection Point of Two elements using Intersect Snap mode

    Note: Tentative Point and AccuSnap can be used together to define an intersection. If a multi-snap is active and contains intersection snap when tentative is snapped, then tentative + AccuSnap selects the intersection. Tentative selects one of the snaps contained in the multi-snap. If the cursor moves over another element with AccuSnap enabled, AccuSnap selects the closest intersection with the first element, ignoring the snap mode chosen by Tentative and ignoring the other contained snap modes.