Promis.e Help

Sample DDE "Conversation"

The following Microsoft Excel macro rotates the contents of Promis.e 's View 1 in 5° increments about the horizontal axis.

In this macro, chan is any Excel variable name, and it is needed to refer to this particular conversation in subsequent DDE requests. The contents of the macro are explained in the following table:

=INITIATE("Ustn","Keyin") Opens the conversation with Promis.e . The constants Ustn Draft and Keyin are mandatory.
=EXECUTE(chan,"rv=5") Passes the key-in RV=5 to Promis.e .
=FOR("Count",1,40) Starts a loop for 40 times.
=EXECUTE(chan,"selview 1") Uses the key-in SELVIEW 1 to simulate the entry of a data point in View 1.
=NEXT() Marks the end of the loop.
=TERMINATE(chan) Terminates the DDE conversation with Promis.e .
=RETURN() Marks the end of the Excel macro.