Promis.e Help

To Create a Simple Screen Menu

Make sure you are in a DGNLib file pointed by the MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST configuration variable. This will make the Admin workflow available for accessing the tools for creating screen menus.

  1. In the DGNLib file, create a 2D or 3D design model and make it the active model.
  2. Start drawing your menu. Position the graphics for the commands in whatever arrangement you find most logical and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. (Optional) Attach references, only from models within the same file.
  4. Select the Edit Key-in Associated with Element tool ( Admin > Interface > Screen Menu > Associate Key-in ).

  5. Select the graphic element to which you want to associate a key-in.

    The Edit Associated Command dialog opens.

  6. Enter key-in, tooltip, and shortcut keys in the respective fields in the Edit Associated Command dialog and click OK.
  7. (Optional) Place an icon on the graphic element.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 above for other graphic elements.
  9. Resize the view window to the size that you want the screen menu to be displayed.
  10. Create a Saved View.
  11. Make desired setting changes in the Menu Settings dialog ( Admin > Interface > Screen Menu ).

  12. Open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog ( File > Settings > User > Keyboard Shortcuts ).
  13. Add a keyboard shortcut to a key using the following key-in syntax:

    SCREENMENU OPENPOPUP <dgnlib_filename>,<model_name>,<saved_view_name>

  14. Save the file.
Now in your design file, when you press the keyboard shortcut assigned to the screen menu, the screen menu opens as a pop-up menu.