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Annotation Cells

Annotation cells are cells that obey the rules of annotation scale. That is, when you place them with annotation scale lock on, they are scaled by the current annotation scale.

You should not put a dimension inside an annotation cell. This is because the dimension will display an incorrect value when the cell is rescaled. This happens when you change the model’s annotation scale and display the model through a reference using active annotation scale. When an annotation cell is rescaled, the normal geometry is scaled, but the dimension continues to display its original value.

Creating and Placing Annotation Cells

When you create a new model, you have options for specifying that it can be placed as a cell and, optionally, as an annotation cell. These options are located in the Cell Properties section of the Create Model dialog. For existing models, you can use the Properties dialog to modify the cell properties. In the Cell Library dialog, annotation cells can be distinguished by the Annotation icon in the Annotation column.

Adding and Removing Annotation Scale for Existing Annotation Cells

For previously placed annotation cells, you can enable and disable annotation scale lock with the key-ins ANNOTATIONSCALE ADD and ANNOTATIONSCALE REMOVE.

If a selection set is active, the key-ins apply only to those selected annotation cells. Where no selection set is active, all annotation cells for the model are included.

Changing the Scale of Existing Annotation Cells

For previously placed annotation cells, you can change the existing annotation scale factor for all annotation cells in the model, or for a selection set.